Cider Shop

We are excited to announce the launch of our cider shop, featuring bottled cider for sale. At this time, we can only ship to Washington state addresses.  


Bin Series 15 - dry cider

Made with select bins of unique heirloom apples. 
Tasting notes: Bright and crisp yet complex. ABV:  7.5%
Pairs perfectly with aged cheese.   


Lot 17 - semi-dry cider

Named for one of the original Koenig family orchards (Lot 17).
Tasting notes: light, fresh fruit flavors, with notes of vanilla. ABV:  7.5%


Harvest 101 - semi-sweet cider

Celebrating 101 years of apple harvests in our family. 
Tasting notes: distinct citrus and subtle dried fruit flavors. ABV:  7.5%