Handcrafted hard cider

Rootwood cider is crafted using several different types of apples. Each variety has unique characteristics and differences in color, aroma, clarity, and flavor. After crushing and pressing the apples, these characteristics remain in the juice and throughout the fermentation, blending, filtration, and pasteurizing process.  Each blend of cider may look different in the glass or bottle. Sometimes there may be natural sediment or color change in the cider depending on the blend and cidermaking process. 


Currently pouring & bottled



crisp and refreshing, with a bittersweet finish ABV 6.4%

Celebrating 103 years of apple harvests in our family orchards. Each year, another Harvest Series cider is created. This cider honors the hard work of another successful growing season.

Featuring Golden Delicious, Winter Banana, Pink Lady, and Spitzenberg apples.




tart with hints of citrus ABV 6.8%

Golden Tri is a cider made with three distinct golden apple varieties: tart and juicy Jonagolds, crisp Golden Delicious, and complex Golden Russet cider apples. Each variety is interesting in its own right, but together they shine in this golden cider combination.

Awarded Sip Northwest Judge’s Pick - Modern Cider 2018




lightly sweet with an earthy hop aroma, mildly bitter ABV 7%

Hop-infused cider featuring Pink Lady apples and Citra Hops.

Available in the taproom, online, and select cider bars

Portland International Cider Cup - Bronze - Hopped Cider 2018
Sip Northwest Bronze - Hopped Cider 2018




full bodied, with deep apple aromas ABV 7.4%

Honoring Lake Chelan’s influence on our weather, geography, and daily lives!

Featuring: Winesap, Golden Delicious and Manchurian Crab apples.




baked apple aromas, tangy, bittersharp finish ABV 8.0%

Every harvest, a selection of cider apples is pressed to create this special cider. With nearly 20 different varieties total, a sampling of the cider apples included in this blend include: Ashmead’s Kernel, Bramley, Ellis Bitter, Golden Russet, Foxwelp, Kingston Black, Newtown Pippin, Wickson Crab, Winecrisp, Tremletts Bitter, Belle De Boskoop, Rubinette, Harrison, and Winesap apples.

Available exclusively in the taproom and online.




full-bodied, heritage style ABV 7.5%

This Heritage Style blend features sharp and bittersweet cider apples, yielding a complex cider characterized by higher tannin levels and moderate astringency. Crafted from Yarlington Mill, Harrison, and Winesap apples, grown in the Koenig family orchards.

Available exclusively in the taproom.



Coming soon:

  • Bin Series 17

Sold out ciders:

  • Lot 17

  • Bin 15

  • Harvest 100

  • Harvest 101

  • Harvest 102

  • Golden Tri (returning Spring/Summer 2018)

  • Perry

  • Cameo

  • Olden Golden

  • Golden SV

  • Springtip

  • Lake Effect (returning Spring/Summer 2018)



dry, refreshing, light-bodied cider made from pears ABV 5.5%

This perry made exclusively with Washington Grown pears is crisp and elegant, filled with delicate pear aromas. Bright fruit notes of melon and peach are balanced by subtle hints of vanilla. It is refreshing with a slight residual sweetness natural to the perrymaking process.